It’s a wrap!

My first post is about this dress.  It is a Very Easy Vogue pattern: Vogue V8784.

The dress was made for my mum who no longer finds it easy to buy clothes.  She has arthritic shoulders and despite shopping for a new dress, none could be found to suit her.  I decided to make her one which would be able to be fitted to her shape and also address the problem of needing to fasten at the front for ease.

I will post a photo of her wearing it in the fulness of time but it is for a special occasion so will wait until that takes place.

The pattern is a lovely shape.  The fitted pleats/darts at the waist give it a beautifully fitting shape.

Mum chose to have the three-quarter length sleeves and collar with the full skirt.

The fabric is John Kaldor from John Lewis and is a linen and cotton mixture.  The dress is fully lined (as per the pattern) except for the sleeves. I used the standard John Lewis lining and sewed using Gutermann thread.

What size did I make?  I cut a size 16 but added extra to the waist as mum is short waisted and always needs extra added at that point for comfort.

Did I make any major pattern adjustments?  Yes.  I added  an extra 7 cm at the top of the arm.  I adjusted the pattern so that the sleeve-head and cuffs remained the same.

Where there any difficult stages in the making of the dress? No.  It went together very well and I am pleased with the outcome – as is Mum!!!

Any thoughts for next time? Yes. The pattern can be made in a knit and I shall make it again for her in a knit for the winter.

9 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!

    1. stitchedfeathers

      Sorry Rosie, just for family. What with my sewing, mum’s and two granddaughters, my days are filled!!! Xx


  1. Marian Groves

    Lovely to see what you’re making Sally, along with details of the patterns and fabrics. Very inspiring, well done.


  2. Anne

    Super dress, Sally. I love the way it goes into the waist with the pleats. Might get hold of this pattern. You are inspiring me to get back to sewing. I used to sew all the time! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sally

    Thanks Anne. The dress is a real classic. My intention with this blog is to inspire people to sew, particularly if they have been “missing in action” for some time. So glad you are feeling inspired.


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